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Want to write irresistible copy and build sales funnels that attract a stampede of highly targeted leads, close a flood of sales and grow your business faster?  Now you can launch a startup or scale-up your existing business fast with our done-for-you copywriting, marketing, and/or coaching services.


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Are you a coach, consultant, author, speaker or thought leader on a mission to build an empire selling your ideas, experiences and expertise? Chances are, you're leaving money on the table. That's why you should let us help you  optimize your business model and implement a proven campaign. 



Are you a financial/investment professional, dentist, lawyer, cosmetic surgeon, accountant or other professional who wants to grow your practice with proven sales and marketing methods? Contact us because we help professionals just like you grow production and revenue, and install effective marketing assets. 

We Scale Businesses with Proven Digital Marketing & Messaging Strategies

Anthony J. Obey
Anthony J. Obey

Hi Fellow Entrepreneur/Professional/Marketing Pro,

Welcome to our digital spot!

Are you looking for someone to help you grow your business with a...

    - Perpetual Lead Generation Machine - bringing in new, targeted leads daily?

    - High-Converting Sales System - bringing in new, ideal customers/clients/patients daily?

    - Automatic Nurture & Ascension Funnel - that increases sales and profits with repeat customers and referrals?

You're not alone. 

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're not actively growing your business, you're slowing dying.

So it's awesome that you found us! 

You see, if anybody can help you break out the rut you may be stuck in and really scale your sales and profits faster than ever, it's the "CopyCouple."

"Who the heck is the 'CopyCouple', anyways?"

Crystal M. Obey
Crystal M. Obey

It's me, Anthony Obey, and my better half, Crystal. you're probably thinking, she's the brains of the operation, and I just take orders. :)

Seriously though, since 2007 we've helped over 200 small to mid-sized companies, in dozens of industries, market their products, services, programs and events. The result? Millions of dollars in revenue generated by the promotional campaigns we've mapped out, written and installed for clients.

I work hands-on with clients, consulting, crafting messaging campaigns, building sales & marketing funnels and installing these campaigns into digital software platforms, in some cases. 

Crystal, an avid student of business and marketing, offers invaluable insight on strategy tailored to the unique needs of the clients we serve. She plays a hands-off, consultative role, so she can be more available for our little ones and for Tony Crystal Labs, LLC, the hair-care products manufacturing company we co-founded and operate. 

Being trained by AWAI, GOLD Certified by one of the world's greatest copywriters, Dan Kennedy, and studying some the worlds most successful marketers, and being entrepreneurs ourselves, not just copywriters, all contribute to the performance of campaigns we've achieved for clients.

Services We Provide to You:

Private CoachingCopywritingImplementation
 We may come along-side you, guiding you through the steps of building an effective marketing funnel or promotional campaign.

You may need just a few sessions, you may need help crafting one campaign for a promotion, or a strategy to sell multiple products and/or services.

Either way, we can provide the 1-on-1 guidance you need to implement marketing, based on what's-working-now in the marketplace, while avoiding many of the common pitfalls of digital marketing.
 Whether you consider yourself a good writer or horrible communicator, you know that crafting winning sales messages are critical to the success of your marketing efforts and growth of your business.

Trying to do it all yourself slows down your ability to grow quickly, and if you lack the depth of skill in crafting copy that sells, you may be disappointed with results. 

So don't risk it, with natural talent honed by a decade of in-the-trenches experience, we have the skills that pays the bills!
 You may need more than coaching or a ready-made copywriting campaign - some entrepreneurs need help actually 'hooking' up and 'publishing' their digital campaign. 

We have experience working in Infusionsoft, Facebook Ads Manager, Webinar Jam, Aweber, Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, Word Press, Lead Pages, InstaPage, Shopify, WYSIWYG Site Builders and other digital tools and softwares.

If you need help planning a winning campaign, crafting a message, and also installing and activating it, we can help with that too!

Marketing & Sales Items We May Write For:

 Direct Mail Digital Lead Generation Digital Sales & Nurture
  •  Postcard
  • Short - Long Sales Letters
  • Envelope Copy
  • Order Forms
  • Hard-Newsletter Articles
  • Tear Sheets/Advertorials
  • Shock & Awe Packages
  • Special Reports
  • White Papers

  •  Facebook Ads
  • Google Adword Ads
  • SEO Blog Articles
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Video Scripts
  • Press Releases
  • Lead Magnet Campaigns
  • Pre-sell Articles
  •  Multi-Step Sales Funnels
  • Video Sales Scripts
  • Short - Long Sales Letters
  • Website Pages
  • Squeeze & Opt-in Landing Pages
  • High-Value Webinar Scripts
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Promotional Email Campaigns
  • E-books
  • Special Reports
  • White Papers

Results We Can Help You Achieve:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Conversion
  • Business Scaling
Lead Generation

Generating a constant flow of warm, highly targeted leads is critical to the growth and viability of any organization. 

In the digital economy, there's many platforms that may be utilized to generate leads, including: 

            - Facebook, Google, Linked In, YouTube, Re-targeting Campaigns and many others. 

We can help you craft a personalized lead generation plan that attracts a perpetual flow of ideal prospects to your business.

Sales Conversion
Business Scaling

But Don't Take Our Word For It

Mal Emery

"The Obeys understand that the money is in the marketing..."

“When you need million dollar compelling copy that sells do as I do and hire dream team copywriters Anthony and Crystal Obey. The Obeys understand that the money is in the marketing and I trust them to deliver online and offline emotional direct response campaigns that get results. 
They are world class professionals, provide fast turnaround, and are easy to work with. If you want to flood your business with leads and sales this year I recommend you work with Anthony and Crystal Obey if you can.” 
- The Millionaire Maker, Best Selling Author, Business Coach and Mentor to 1000’s, Copywriting and Marketing Expert

Catherine Hall

“Working with Anthony and Crystal will, without a doubt, increase your bottom line…”
“The response to my emails was at least tripled. I got a lot of feedback from people who I could see actually opened and read the emails messages. Working with Anthony and Crystal will, without a doubt, increase your bottom line. They will take the time and quickly create amazing copy for you that show so much understanding of your business it will be as though you wrote it- but with the skill and copywriting techniques that will draw customers to your door. Before we started running the email campaign created by Anthony/Crystal for the Day of Discovery we had 6 people signed up to attend the event. Two days after the first email went out 4 people signed up. By the day of the event, we had 26 people at the event.
Anthony and Crystal Obey were recommended to me by my mentor and that was a huge reason why I chose to work with them. They spent hours getting to know me, my style of communicating and my business. With only 7 days available to them, they created a series of 5 amazing email pieces that shocked me with how accurately these pieces captured the concept and specific details of my company. Their professionalism and commitment to my success is remarkable. Anyone who wants to take their business to the next level needs to hire Copy Couple.” - 203K Consultant and Trainer – The “203K Queen”

Tim Estes

"It brought in millions in assets under management..."

"I wanted to launch a campaign to reach a specific market. I chose Anthony because I'm a student of Dan Kennedy's marketing, and the Obeys specialize in Kennedy's direct response style of marketing. 

He wrote multi-part campaign and during that time, I was seriously injured in a ski accident. I was put on bed-rest for 3 months; which meant I couldn't implement the other marketing things I wanted to. I was only able to implement what Anthony created for me.

The results were superb. It brought in millions in assets under management and added $60,000 in bottom-line profits every year since 2013!

My advise to you, hire them! It may sound expensive by you can't afford not not. You'll be glad you did."

- Estes Financial

Tunita Bailey

"We didn't this...we had to move to a bigger venue to hold all the students!"

BEFORE: We wanted to get new leads and to sell our educational product to support my lending company. The Obey's created an entire sales funnel (edited my webinar presentation, wrote my sales letter, squeeze page, email campaign and built it all for me). I was pressed for a deadline and asked if they could build it for me, which they did, super-fast, professionally, high-quality and on time.

RESULT: I brought in over 3 times the number of students I usually get, which meant I had to move to a much bigger venue! Plus, this sales funnel grew my number of new leads by over 50% in just 3 days! Needless to say, I've got my new marketing connection taken care of with the Obey. They're great to work with and I definitely recommend the CopyCouple.

- Tunita Bailey - The Money Lady - Corporate Capital, LLC

Linda Baumgarten

"Anthony and Crystal are Top Dollar and Worth It!"

"Anthony and Crystal are VERY talented copywriters. They took our material, and used all the tricks of the trade. We immediately started getting applications. 
In the middle of a recession, they convinced people the investment in the CT REIA Fast-Track Coaching Program ($3,000 - $5000+) was the wisest investment they could make. 
The "Copy Couple's" copywriting got people off the dime! They work fast and deliver what they say they will do."

- Linda Baumgarten & JoAnne Brissette - CT REIA (Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association)

Corwin Jackson

"I've achieved a 40% growth in sales..."

"I've worked with Anthony & Crystal Obey for 2 years, they have been phenomenal in creating email campaigns and content for my marketing material.  
I achieved a 40% growth in sales and they have been fantastic in ensuring that I maintain a presence in front of my audience. 
I'd highly recommend Anthony and Crystal for all of your copy writing needs."
- Core Inspection Group

Tyrus Parish
Tyrus Parish

"They made my sales messaging 10 times more tangible, influential and profitable!"

"I had the wonderful privilege and honor of working with the copy couple on a sales letter and email campaign for one of my product launches and it goes without saying that the work that  they deliver far exceeded my expectations. 
The consultation was so impactful that I ended up restructuring my sales funnel. 
I actually thought I had everything worked out and thought out until we started talking through some things and questions were being asked that I thought I had the answer to but quite honestly I didn't. They took the words of thoughts that I had and made them 10 times better and much more tangible, influential and profitable. 
I'm forever grateful for the insight, guidance and final product that I received from them. I would definitely be using them again in the future. If you want to take your copy to the next level give them a call. 
If you want the words on your sales page to bring your money give them a call. If you want to keep things the same and lose money. then don't. :-) - Safe & Sound Home Inspection

Ready to Become Our Next Success Story?

If you want to launch your new business or scale your existing business, you should get the help you need.

Going it alone is usually the wrong choice for two reasons:

  1. You likely don't have the years of dedicated experience that a professional marketer and copywriter has, which means you may 'know enough to be dangerous,' as many clients have come to us saying, after they made big mistakes
  2. You can't 'do it all' - there's are a 1,001 things to do on a daily basis when you're trying to launch and grow a company. Don't become your own 'bottle-neck' because you were insistent on doing it all yourself
Take advantage of our 10X Sales Strategy Session where we lay out a marketing game-plan for your project and you can get all your questions answered concerning how we may collaborate.

All clients and project are NOT a good fit for us, so we'll all get a chance to see if we're a good fit for one another.